Protection Detailing


Here you will find our protection detailing service also known as a new car detail or new car prep. Everything on the exterior and interior is cleaned and protected to keep your car looking like it’s just come from the showroom! This service is carried out using a selection of various product ranges to clean and prepare the car ready for protection. 


This Service will take from 3-6 hours to complete.


Whats included in your Protection Detail:

  • Rinse the whole car down to remove and loose dirt and grime.

  • Apply non acid wheel cleaner to wheels and allow to dwell.

  • Clean alloys using a non scratch detailing brush then pressure rinse clean.

  • Apply a all purpose cleaner to under arches as well as door and boot shuts and allow to dwell.

  • Agitate under arches, door and boot shuts with a new detailing brush and then pressure rinse clean.

  • Pre wash exterior with a PH neutral snow foam and allow to dwell before rinsing.

  • Use a detailing brush to clean around front and rear badges.

  • Wash exterior body work using the 2 bucket method and a non scratch lambswool wash mitt.

  • Apply an iron filling removal product to remove bonded contamination to allow for a smoother and clearer looking paint surface.

  • Wash exterior body work using the 2 bucket method and a non scratch lambswool wash mitt.

  • Pressure rinse exterior and dry exterior bodywork inc door shuts and windows using a microfibre drying towel.

  • Apply a pre wax cleaner to the paintwork ready for coatings to be applied.

  • Apply a layer of glass coating to the paintwork (currently Carbon Collective) and alloy wheels with a new wax applicator.

  • Allow wax to cure before removing with a series of new non scratch microfibre cloths.

  • Polish and protect exhaust tips and chrome.

  • Plastic and rubber seals protected.

  • Apply tyre dressing to tyres to bring back that new look.

  • Remove rubbish from inside car.

  • Hoover seats, mats, carpets and boot area.

  • Dust air vents using a soft brush.

  • Clean steering wheel and stalks.

  • Steam clean seat frames, side of seats and all other areas that require steam cleaning.

  • Machine clean seats mats, door cards and carpets or if leather clean and treat. Roof linings are an added extra due to delicate cleaning that is required

  • Polish dash and centre console to remove dirt and dust.

  • Remove any mud marks from door plastics, back of seats and other plastics.

  • Clean interior windows and glass to a streak free finish.

  • Apply a light berry flavour fragrance to the Interior of your car.

Small Car £285

Medium Car £345

Large Car £385

XL Car £435

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London Detailing

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